World Chocolate Day 2019 | Interesting facts about chocolate

On July 11, chocolate lovers celebrate World Chocolate Day. This holiday was invented in France in 1995 and still remains one of the favourite sweets for everyone in the world. Do you know that chocolate has a very rich history? In this article, we are going to share the most interesting facts about this tasty and healthy delicacy. Let’s go!

1. Cocoa has existed for several million years and is probably one of the oldest products on the earth.

2. The Mayans were the first to discover trees with strange fruits. They considered cocoa to be a divine gift, created by the Gods: coca could only be drunk by the priests.

3. Also in the Mayan civilization, cocoa beans were the main trading currency. For example, the cost of a turkey was equal to twenty beans.

4. About 70% of the global cocoa raw material from which chocolate is produced, grows in Africa.

5. Cocoa trees can live up to 200 years, but they only give fruit for 25 years.

6. Cocoa beans in nature are classified into 400 flavours.

7. To produce 450 grams of chocolate, 400 cocoa beans are required.

8. The first chocolate bar was made in 1842.

9. One piece of the chocolate bar gives person energy that is enough to move 45 meters.

10. Each resident of Belgium or Switzerland eats about 10−11 kg of chocolate per year.

11. The definition of “white chocolate” is wrong at the root. It consists of sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder, but there is no cocoa powder in it.

12. Chocolate increases the hormone of joy.

13. Scientists have proved that even after a small portion of chocolate, people cope better with mathematical tasks.

14. In Japan, students eat Kit Kat chocolates before exams, as the name of the chocolate is similar to the words “Kitto Katsu,” which means “to definitely win.”

15. Famous chocolatiers from different countries are experimenting with chocolate flavours, creating not only exquisite but also very bold flavour combinations. For example, travelling around the world, you can try chocolate with camel milk, with flower petals, with salt, with bacon, with gold, with seaweed, with pepper, with onions, and even with wasabi.

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