Women’s Birthday Cake trends 2019

A cake for an adult, self-confident woman or girl is not just a sweet dessert.

Birthday cakes often become the personification of the interests of the birthday girl, her inner world. That is why masters often make creative birthday cakes in the form of funny stories from the life of a birthday girl, as well as her wishes for this or that on the cake.

One of the trends in decorating modern cakes for women can be a cake in the style of “Fashion”, with a bag and accessories (by the way Cocoa Noir offers a fantastic collection of Fashion chocolates which will be a perfect addition to your fashionable birthday).

Also, the cake can be made in the style of “Ombre” with a delicate colour transition.

Stylish birthday cakes for women can be made with a gradient transition, incredibly beautiful mirror glaze, chocolate coating, mastic.

For a big celebration – a big birthday cake, so a two-tier or three-tier cake is the right decision if you want to treat all guests, surprising with an exclusive idea.

We advise women to choose beautiful cakes in fashion style, minimalistic options, birthday cakes with fresh or sweet colours, or bright cakes with berries and fruit jelly.

We advise you to pay attention to the beautiful cakes made from several small cakes, macaroons, pastries.

Yummy cakes are the cakes of which are made with milk, chocolate, fruit, honey cream and supplemented with different types of toppings.

From our brief excursion, it is not difficult to understand that decorating a cake is a serious matter, but if you approach it with imagination and a great desire to do something wonderful, you will create the best pastry masterpiece for your birthday.

Just have a look at our variety of birthday cakes for women! Spoil your beloved people with Cocoa Noir cakes and handmade artisan chocolates.

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