What are the different types of cakes?

Cake is a traditional festive dish for birthdays, weddings, corporate parties and other holidays. This dessert is a favourite dish not only of children but also of adults. This article will help you learn about cake classification.

Cakes can be classified according to various criteria, such as the method of preparation, the type of cake, the complexity of the design, the type of filling, the shape and so on.

Classification of cakes by the method of preparation

Whole cakes

This type of cake was originated in the most ancient times. These cakes are made from yeast dough and are filled pies. The top of this type of cake can be decorated with icing and cream.

Cakes, in the preparation of which the filling and the frame are prepared separately

These cakes were baked in Italy. First, the frame is prepared – the walls and the bottom of the cake, and then – the filling.

Combined cakes

This is the most common type of cake, which is prepared and formed in layers. The cake is made sequentially in layers from the bottom up – the cakes are smeared, the filling is laid, decorative elements are applied.

Types of cakes by cake type

Sponge cakes. Sponge cakes are curvy and tender. To achieve the desired taste, vanilla, cocoa, nuts and other ingredients are added to the biscuit cakes. Cakes are soaked and stacked on top of each other, cream, yoghurt or chocolate filling is placed between the cakes. This is the most delicious and common variety of cakes.

Waffle Cakes. The most non-cooking type of cake, consisting of wafer cakes stacked on top of each other, smeared with coffee or chocolate mass. Such cakes win by the simplicity of preparation of storage time but lose to taste.

Sand cakes. Prepared from the friable shortcrust pastry. These cakes are the cheapest to make. The filling of such cakes is fruit or cream.

Curd cheese. This type of cake is prepared entirely from curd and flour mass.

Classification of composite cakes by design complexity

Single-tiercakes consisting of one-tier.

Two-tier cakes consisting of two tiers. That is, these are two cakes that are located on a rigid frame structure one above the other. The frame is needed so that the top tier does not crush the bottom.

Three-tier cakes consisting of two tiers. The design is similar to a two-tier, only 3 cakes and the frame involves the placement of a 3rd cake.

There can be more tiers in a composite cake; there are four-tier and five-tier cakes and higher.

Types of cakes according to the type of filling and taste

  • Fruit
  • Yoghurt;
  • Sour cream;
  • Chocolate;
  • With nuts;
  • Vanilla
  • With condensed milk;

and so on.

That’s about how you can classify cakes. Now, knowing what are the different types of cakes, it will be easier for you to make the right choice. Choose and eat with pleasure. Bon Appetit.

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