Wedding Cakes Ideas and Trends in 2019

A wedding cake is not only the main treat for guests but also an opportunity for newlyweds to show creativity and emphasize their style. In this article, we have collected the most unusual wedding cakes!

Modern wedding cakes

The traditional decor of a wedding cake is something airy, light and tender, similar to the classic bridal outfit. But confectioners are beginning to move away from tradition, replacing the usual pastel colours with unusual sweet masterpieces in compliance with current trends.

The main motives for decorating and baking

No limit of fantasy! The usual round or square, curly or slanted at different angles – non-standard, like the colour, filling, visual aesthetics.

Minimalism: the masters are moving away from pretentiousness in order to create minimalistic and stylish cakes with highlighted accents.

Certain topics: the wedding is often planned in a clear stylistic scenario (vintage, rock and roll, Provence, European or folk style). Cakes must match the style.

Fashionable wedding cakes in 2019

What wedding cakes are considered fashionable in 2019? Let’s find out together.

Naked Cake

Naked Cake – the original version, leaving the side, and sometimes the upper surface of the product open, without mastic and cream coating. It is incredibly popular nowadays.

Chocolate shades

Chocolate shades: snow-white designs are replaced by juicy colours and tastes, including chocolate as the fashion trend of wedding cakes 2019. Covered with ganache or using chocolate figures (for example, delicate chocolate butterflies), the cake will be remembered by guests and newlyweds for a long time.

This year the best cake is the mousse cake! Tiered round constructions are classics of the genre. Pastel shades of white or cream, exquisite figures of newlyweds or swans on the top, floral decor made of mastic – these trends are in force.

Fashionable wedding cakes 2019 are a number of the most interesting trends, from which even the most demanding couples can choose their own.

Wedding Cake 2019 – Trends

Trends in wedding cakes in 2019 affect a variety of areas, from aesthetic to taste. The palette plays an important role: designers suggest replacing boring pastels with bold shades!

A juicy red or red-white cake symbolizes passionate love. It is just perfect for an American wedding.

Sea colours: blue, light blue or blue-white – Mediterranean wedding cake design 2019 will be trendy this year.

“Seasonal” tones – autumn gold or peach, winter silver, spring green or grassy.

“Violet” nuances are also considered to be trendy. From the classic pink to the radical almost black violet, they allow you to create masterpieces.

Wedding Cakes – Interesting Ideas 2019

Try to come up with a fantasy of baking and try our original ideas for wedding cakes.

Ideas for decorating a wedding cake from mini-desserts are at the peak of success. Laid out in 3 tiers, cupcakes are conveniently laid out for guests, and they will look no worse than the cake itself.

Toppers instead of bored marzipan figures are becoming trendy.

Live flowers as decorations – roses or exotic orchids, violets can decorate your wedding cake perfectly.

Such a decorator is especially good for bare cakes and composite desserts.

We hope our wedding cake ideas and trends in 2019 helped you to choose not just a dessert, but a key figure in the composition of the wedding, from which it is simply impossible to look away. We also have wedding cakes made with love and for love occasions at Cocoa Noir café, which you can also order as we have cake delivery in Los Angeles.

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