Wedding cakes for any season [2020 trends]

Wedding cake for an autumn wedding

An autumn wedding will become a spiritual holiday if you use the ideas that nature itself generously gives us. Remember how you like autumn and carefully plan every minute of the celebration so that the autumn wedding becomes a perfect party.

The autumn style wedding cake is usually decorated with leaves, fruits and flowers. Draperies and monograms are classic, so you can decorate your cake with a family chocolate pattern. Not only colour and decor make the cake unusual. You can give it an original form – pumpkin, hemp or sunflower.

Wedding cake for a winter wedding

For a winter wedding cake, the not only taste is important, but also appearance. After all, the cake captured on the wedding photo will delight with its appearance for many years to come. The traditional colours for winter are shades of white, blue, bright red, golden.

When choosing a colour for the main treat of the evening, it is important to focus on the wedding colour palette, because the winter version of the wedding cake should correspond to the theme of the celebration.

Recently, there has been a tendency to make bright accents on the cake. There can be bright red elements on a snow-white background.

Wedding cake for a spring wedding

Spring is not the time for high-calorie and heavy desserts, so you should also remember that by the time the cake is served, guests will already be full and will not be able to try a fatty dessert. Let the souffle, yoghurt or fresh fruit be the filling of the cake. Ice cream is original and suitable for spring treats. Fans of whipped cream should not refuse them at all, only let it be a decoration, not a filling.

For early spring with the first rays of the sun and the last snow, a white or yellow dessert is suitable. The blue cake will remind you of spring streams and support the holiday in this colour, green and all its variations are also spring shades.

Wedding cake for a summer wedding

When choosing a summer treat, focus on the season first. It’s not for us to tell you that the cake simply has to be with a refreshing aroma of ripe fruits and juicy berries. Try to abandon traditional creams and fillings – why not fill the cakes with fresh mashed potatoes made from raspberries or strawberries. And how delicious the lemon cake with blackberry cream looks! Just a jumble!

If you and your beloved love chocolate and have firmly decided to pamper your guests with a chocolate wedding cake, then do not forget about the berry filling. An ideal option for such a treat is a delicious cherry cream. And do not forget to decorate the top of the dessert with berries!

What colour do you associate with summer? Yellow, green or blue? That is what a colourful summer wedding dessert should be! Choose to your taste – traditional snow-white, deep dark blue, passionate red, cherry or bold combinations of yellow and blue, pink and green.

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