Valentine’s Day cake ideas 2020

Everyone wants to make Valentine’s Day special. A nice addition to a romantic dinner will be a beautiful cake with a thematic design. We offer you some bright ideas that you can implement with the help of our professional confectioners.

Holiday symbols

When making cakes and desserts for Valentine’s Day, they use burgundy and scarlet colours, which are associated with the theme of the holiday. The main symbols of the holiday are hearts, angels and roses.

The heart is a long-known sign of sensuality, deep feelings. You can order a cake for Valentine’s Day in heart shape form, or you can choose sweets with small hearts. You can often find a heart pierced by the arrow of a mischievous Cupid.

Angels are often in the image of Cupid, the son of Venus, who, according to legend, strikes a man with his arrow, and he falls in love. Eros is another name for this angel.

Roses, especially red ones, speak of passionate love, and they are also compared with the beauty of a girl. The queen of flowers can have a variety of shades: white ones allow you to express pure love, pink ones talk about the hope for a closer relationship, and red ones focus on the sensual side, the power of passion. They gained such importance thanks to the myth of Aphrodite, who was wounded on a bush of white roses on the way to her beloved.

Lace is another symbol that has been used for centuries by the fair sex. They are associated with a love story, so they are easy to meet as wrapping paper or decoration on the cake. Less commonly used are pigeons and other birds, symbolizing not only love but also the care and promise of eternal fidelity.

Cake Ideas

Sprinkle with hearts

This is the easiest decoration option. Sweet coloured sprinkles allow you to diversify baking with a minimum of effort. You can choose a cake covered with mastic, meringue, icing or just cream, and decorate everything with a loose heart.

Heart-shaped cake

Everyone has round and rectangular shapes, but you choose the form of a heart yourself. To cover the finished cake in the shape of a heart with mastic, it is useful to have cutters for working with dough and mastic, an acrylic rolling pin for rolling mastic (you can take a relief). In the end, the cake is fixed with the mastic on the cake using a special device for smoothing.

Mastic hearts

A round cake can be decorated with mastic hearts. For leaves and flowers, plungers will be needed. If you are looking for how to originally decorate a cake for Valentine’s Day, then you should be creative in creating hearts – for example, make them striped. To do this, you can roll white and red mastic into a single canvas and cut hearts out of it.

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