Valentine cake designs 2020

Valentine’s Day – the most romantic holiday is celebrated in most countries of the world on February 14th. On this day for more than one and a half thousand years, people have been declaring love to each other.

An inseparable part of the romantic events in the Valentine’s Day cakes and cupcakes. Here are some designs:

Mastic figures

Cakes and pastries can be decorated with interesting figures in the form of swans, pigeons, rabbits, cats, bears and more. Two figures in cosy poses look very romantic and create the right atmosphere.

If you are not very confident in your skills of sculpting a specific figure, then use moulds – silicone moulds to create products of perfect shape.

Red bow on the cake

You can create a simple version of the bow or a more complex one. A lush bow is made of several petals.

To do this, they are cut out from a rolled plain sheet and a sheet rolled by a textured rolling pin. You need to sprinkle the cut out petals with powder and allow to dry on the foil and then fasten it. And the magnificent bow is ready.

Ribbon with the inscription

You can put the inscription on the cake with icing, using stencils and a pastry syringe. The tape from mastic, on which the phrase is applied, looks neat and original.

This is usually a declaration of love or other romantic words. The main thing here is not to rush and pre-allocate a place for all letters.

Roses from cream or mastic

Sugar or chocolate mastic can make graceful pink petals, which can be used in your romantic sweets.

Cream roses on cupcakes

Cutters allow you to cut different products, but for natural motifs like leaves, it is worth using special plungers and get a natural effect. Such decorative elements are very thin, perfectly harden and hold their shape.

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