Top Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

The cake is a symbol of well-being and the “sweet” life of the newlyweds. The freedom in design and choice of filling allow you to make any dream of celebration come true. We will give the sweet handsome special attention! Where to begin? With weight calculation! On average, each guest should have 250 grams of the cake. If you plan to leave a treat for the next day or give it to guests to take home, you should consider 300 grams each.

Cake design depends on the total weight. Are you preparing a magnificent wedding with a large number of guests? Then the cake should be impressive and multi-tiered. Are you planning a cosy dinner with your closest friends? It will be great to have a small and stylish mousse cake.

Newlyweds need to remember that the cake should not only be beautiful. It must also be tasty. Traditional biscuit cakes give way to delicious pastry delights. Chocolate, dairy, nut and fruit cakes conquer the wedding table.

A layer of fresh berries and fruits will add a fresh perky note. Chocolate ganache will please the sweet tooth. As for the cream, preference should be given to light, refined fillings. Whipped cream has long been out of fashion. Curd, cheese, sour cream creams are infinitely tender and tasty.

Mousse cakes

A novelty of the confectionery industry is mousse cakes. The delicate taste and perfect “space” cut are impressive. There is one “BUT” – such delights are performed exclusively in low weight. One of the most successful filling options is the combination of several options in a multi-tiered cake. So each guest will be able to choose a piece to his taste and remain satisfied with the dessert.

Minimalistic cakes

The trend of 2020 is exquisite minimalism, moderation and thoughtfulness of the design of a wedding cake. Kilograms of multi-coloured cream, a million cream roses and a thousand and five hundred tiers are no longer comme il faut, although such cakes can still be seen at weddings.

Glazed cakes

Glazed cakes are at the peak of popularity: they are mirror or mousse. They look incredibly stylish, have a perfectly smooth glossy surface, a variety of colours and delicate taste. There are a lot of glaze options: the cake can be made of honey, sugar, chocolate, milk. For the decor of mirror cakes, berries and fruits, openwork painting and other confectionery decorations can be used.

Authorized cakes

You can choose different forms for a wedding cake: in the form of rings symbolizing eternal love and fidelity, in the shape of a heart – tenderness and devotion, in the form of a circle – happiness and sun, in the form of a horseshoe – luck and prosperity. Majesty and luxury will be added to your wedding cake by special whatnots, most often, three-story ones. As a fashionable alternative to a wedding cake, you can order a set of cakes decorated on a stand in the form of a cake. They look just amazing!

Colourful cakes

Among the colour decoration of wedding cakes, there is a tendency to combine white with others. Black and white cakes look spectacular and fantastically beautiful. If you don’t like these contrasts, you can choose any other colour. How sweet and sophisticated the wedding cake will be, made in delicate pink and white, especially if such colours will be used in your wedding dress and jewellery.

Cake with fresh flowers

Recently, at weddings, you can increasingly find a cake with fresh flowers. In the photo, such desserts look no less fascinating than live. But before choosing a wedding cake with floral decorations, we advise you to find out the features of such desserts.

Small cakes

Usually, confectioners advice when calculating the total mass of dessert to multiply the number of guests by 150-200 grams. Accordingly, if you are planning a modest wedding with your family for 10-12 people, then ordering a huge multi-tiered cake is useless.

It is better to surprise not with the scale of the cake, but with its taste and creative design. Yes, small wedding cakes can also look beautiful and be memorable!

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