Top 5 Best Cake Trends in 2019

Today it is not enough for your cake to be just sweet and tasty. Cakes should also contain fewer calories and should smell good. The look of the cake has become minimalistic, but with bright and unexpected details. Pastry chefs experiment with form and taste, paying much attention to the design and the filling of the cake.

1. Minimal design

In the world of pastry chefs, there has already been a steady trend towards the minimization of desserts. Large-sized decorations, because of which it is impossible to see the character of the cake itself is, fortunately, losing its positions in cake trends 2019.

Confectioners tend to simplicity and clarity of taste and presentation. Minimalistic desserts are much more difficult to make ideally beautiful because you can’t hide them behind a mountain of bright distracting decor.

It should be noted here that texture and architecture come to the first plan: a flaky wall, cracked cement, old papyrus, a wooden door, a marble floor, ancient columns and many other textured elements of architecture that surround us everywhere, become an inspiration for confectioners.

2. Natural colors

Confectioners around the world say no to poisonous, unnatural paints in desserts. Natural colours and shades become more and more popular. The game of shadows, tones, and semitones becomes the main task of confectioners.

And those confectioners who still remain true to bright colours will achieve the same effect with the help of natural products.

And to make the dessert more appetizing, the chefs choose a variety of textures. You can often find a dessert with one flavour, presented in 5-6 textures. Like, for example, “100% caramel”.

3. Geometric shapes

We can not say that just a round cake goes out of fashion, it is unlikely to ever happen, but cubes, parallelograms, triangles, and other geometric figures become famous and trendy this year.

Also in 2019, we will meet a large variety of geometric elements in the decoration of cakes and desserts.

4. Hand painting

In relation to the decor of the cakes, hand-painted cream continues to gain success. This is the case when the cake becomes a canvas, and the cream is a palette of colours.

Confectioners are inspired by the works of great artists. Moreover, this may include abstract images on cakes with clearly visible thick strokes or transparent watercolour paintings, or floral patterns and ornaments.

5. French desserts

In 2019, the fashion for eclairs will remain at its peak. Eclairs are so popular for many years. And the macaroons, in their turn, take on new shapes, sizes, and even become ice cream.

This year they will be joined by cupcakes in the new guise of miniature cakes. Simple cupcakes are brought to a new level this year.

Do not forget that following the trends is not as important as following your taste and wish! Do not hesitate to order your dream cake in La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011 at Cocoa Noir!

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