Tips for Storing Chocolate: How to Store Chocolate?

The favourite dessert of many adults and children – chocolate – does not tolerate exposure to sunlight, high humidity and temperature extremes. Improper storage conditions can lead to a change in taste, the appearance of a white coating, spoilage of sweets. This article will tell you about whether it is possible to store chocolate in the refrigerator and how to keep it in the heat so that the bar remains tasty and healthy.

Should we keep chocolate in the refrigerator?

If the packaging is not broken, chocolate can be stored in the refrigerator for several hours, especially if the room is too hot. During prolonged storage in the cold, the cocoa butter contained in the chocolate crystallizes and protrudes onto the surface of the tile, resulting in a characteristic white coating. We can’t say that chocolate will be spoiled, but the appearance of it will be spoiled.

Explaining why chocolate should not be stored in the refrigerator, it is often said that it absorbs odours. Yes, this is true, but it only applies to unpacked sweets. Have you opened the tile and want to put it in the refrigerator? Wrap it carefully with foil and several layers of paper. Then the taste will remain the same, as well as the aroma. It will also be useful to put chocolate away from the smelling fish, cheeses.

But with a freezer, everything is simpler – chocolate retains its qualities for a long time. It’s good if the refrigerator’s freezer has a function of quick (shock) freezing. Rapid cooling avoids white plaque. Therefore, if you doubt whether it is possible to store chocolate in the freezer, the answer is – yes. A freezer will save even slightly melted chocolate.

Where is it better to store chocolate?

To begin with, it is worth saying at what temperature it is better to store chocolate – chocolate is called the optimal range from 16 to 21 degrees Celsius – in such conditions, chocolate can be stored throughout its shelf life, it will not melt and does not whiten, does not change the taste.

Thus, the choice of storage location should be based on the recommended temperature regime. A good option is to store in a kitchen cabinet, away from spices. There should also be no heating appliances nearby – stoves, batteries. To the question, at what temperature the chocolate begins to melt, there is no definite answer – a lot depends on the type of tile, air humidity. On average, they talk about 30-34 degrees Celsius.

If the room is cooler, nothing threatens the chocolate. But only if it is of high quality, that is, it contains real cocoa butter and not a cheap substitute. If chocolate melts at room temperature, it may contain vegetable fats.

Knowing how to properly store chocolate, you can avoid spoiling it, and therefore the risk of eating a poor-quality product. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended terms and conditions of storage, and then your favourite dessert will delight you with excellent taste and aroma.

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