Tastiest chocolate in the world

Chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the whole world. It is quite usual that people spend too much money on chocolates. Tastes differ: and the list of the tastiest chocolates in the world may not be the same, but we are starting.

1. Amedei Chocolate

It is believed that the Italian company Amedei produces the most delicious and high-quality chocolate product. It was founded in 1990 by a brother and a sister named Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri. The brother is looking for new unusual bean varieties, and his sister is responsible for turning them into wonderful gourmet chocolate.

The business of the factory located in Tuscany began with the usual sale of chocolates. At that moment it was not a factory, but just a small rented room, where brother and sister experimented with pralines. Over time, it occurred to them to cooperate with a major French confectionery, but they rejected them. This offended them and they decided that they needed to produce chocolate themselves.

2. Soma Chocolate

Soma (Canada). The history of the company dates back to 2003. The manufacturer has gained popularity due to the high quality and variety of its products.

3. Lindt Chocolate

Lindt (Switzerland). The history of the company dates back to 1845. The manufacturer is famous for its premium high-quality chocolate; Lindt products are represented in the markets of 100 countries.

4. Michel Cluizel Chocolate

Michel Cluizel (France). The manufacturer is famous for the so-called “noble ingredients”, which are perfectly matched and meet all the criteria for components of the highest quality chocolate; Michel Cluizel products are represented in 40 countries of the world.

5. Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona (France). The history of the company dates back to 1922. The range consists mainly of dark chocolate. For the production of the product using different varieties of cocoa beans, various methods of roasting and a long process of conching chocolate masses.

6. Leonidas Chocolate

Leonidas (Belgium). The history of the company dates back to 1913. Today Leonidas is considered one of the best chocolate manufacturers in Europe.

7. Bovetti Chocolate

Bovetti (France). The history of the company dates back to 1994. The range of Bovetti has more than 150 positions; there is a very original symbiosis of tastes; for example, chocolate with flower petals (violet, lavender, rose), fruit (whole pieces of banana, orange, cherry), spices (mustard, rosemary).

8. Handmade Artisan chocolate

In the list of these famous names and brands, we are happy to announce that there is a new brand – Cocoa Noir, which offers amazing handmade artisan chocolate of different tastes and flavours. Just taste our unique chocolates and it will become your favourite.

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