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The history of confectionery art began several decades ago. It became popular in the XV century and sometime later its majesty cake appeared. Cakes should not only be tasty but also pleasant to the eye.

Today the most trendy cakes are movie-inspired cakes. So get ready for the famous cakes from movies.

A cake is always a joy and a sense of celebration, and a cake made based on your favourite movie is a double pleasure! We suggest you take a look at stunning cakes, the creators of which were inspired by well-known films. We are sure that among these sweet masterpieces you will find your favourite movie.

Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cake is one of the most popular after fans of this cult saga. Such a gift can become a real highlight of the program, to be remembered for a long time as the most original and unusual. A Star Wars cake will look great at a theme party dedicated to this movie!

Disney Princess’ Cakes

One of the tastiest cakes for your princess’ birthday is a cake with Disney princesses. Beautiful ladies will make your party unforgettable.

Paw Patrol Cakes

Paw patrol is ready for your kid’s birthday! Paw Patrol cake is ideal not only for your boy’s birthday but also your princess will like it.

Frozen Cakes

Elza and Anna will surely decorate your party. Frozen cakes are not only suitable for winter birthdays.

Mickey Mouse Cakes

Old but gold character Mickey Mouse (Minney Mouse for girls) never gets old. Children always love him.

Shimmer and Shine Cakes

Girls love the characters of Shimmer and Shine. So these cakes are popular among girls nowadays.

Wonder Woman Cakes

Wonder Woman can be not only a cake but also you can value your loved ones by ordering it, as all our women are wonders.

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig and her family are amazingly interesting for kids, so cakes made in this theme are always amazing.

Alice in Wonderland Cakes

These cakes are not only suitable for kids but also adults love them, as Alice in Wonderland sometimes can live in our hearts.

Moana Cakes

Moana is a brave girl who loves the sea so if your kid has some characteristic features like her, she will love Moana cake.

Disney Pixar Cars Cakes

Disney cars are popular among boys and, naturally, nearly all the boys want Disney Pixar Cars cakes for their birthdays.

Ariel Cakes

Ariel is one of the most favourite characters of Disney Princesses, so some girls want to be a mermaid like her. Ariel cake is the best for such girls.

Titanic Cakes

Titanic cake can be made in remembrance of the ones who died there. People sometimes order such cakes for their birthdays as they love the movie.

If you want to order a movie-based cake in California, Los Angeles, then make sure to order it at Cocoa Noir. Have a nice day!

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