Mother’s day cake easy recipes 2020

Mother’s Day is a great holiday when you can remind the closest and dearest person that you love her, respect and value her. On this day, children give their mothers flowers and holiday cards, as well as make gifts with their own hands. Agree, what could be more beautiful than a cute presentation made especially for you, especially if this gift is sweet? Colorful and beautiful cakes with air cream will not leave any woman indifferent.

Rainbow Cake

Surely, many of us saw wonderful and beautiful cakes with bright fillings in the form of a family of rainbow colors. Adults and children will be delighted with such a colorful treat. Have you tried to cook this beauty yourself?

So, how to cook this great cake? What is needed and what products are needed to make a cake? The first thing you need to stock up on – a cake form (16 cm): it will be better if you have five (or seven) of them.

Products for biscuit:

1.5 cups of flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

110 g softened butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

190 ml of milk

1 cup of sugar

3 yolks

food color five (seven) colors

Meringue buttercream:

4 yolks

1 cup of sugar

200 g room temperature oil

half lime juice

Carrot Cake

This cake is where baking can be healthy. An elegant and delicious carrot cake can be baked, both on weekdays and for a special occasion.


Carrots – 2 pcs.

Egg – 3 pcs.

Honey – 150 g.

Vegetable oil – 50 ml.

Flour – 2 tbsp.

Butter – 200 g

Powdered Sugar – 200 g

Orange zest – 1 tbsp

Candied fruits or nuts – for decoration

Spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger) – to taste

Cooking time 30 minutes.

If you are short of time and you do not want to experiment on Mother’s day, Cocoa Noir offers you to order Mother’s day cake right here.
Have a great day! Happy Mother’s Day.

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