Interesting facts about cakes

Cakes, cupcakes… One just has to imagine these sweets – and then you want to drink aromatic tea or coffee and enjoy a slice of a delicious cake layered with cream and decorated with fruits. The cakes have a rich history, and today, to make your sweet life more interesting, we will share some curious facts about cakes.

Interesting facts about cakes

  • In the middle ages, the word “cake” was not used to describe the tasty and sweet cake that we used to know: bread was considered to be a “cake”.
  • By the way, in France, the cake was also not originally a sweet served for dessert. A round meat pie with a salty taste is what was originally called a cake in this romantic country.
  • Small cupcakes, which are so popular today, appeared in England when they were prepared in cups. Hence its name came from the word “cup”.
  • The first birthday cake was served in 1785. It had little to do with the present birthday cakes decorated with candles.
  • It’s not without reason that wedding cakes are made precisely with white, covered with snow-white mastic or covered with light cream. Just as a wedding dress symbolizes innocence, a white wedding cake is a symbol of purity.

Most expensive cake in the world

The most expensive cake in the world can be seen at the Tokyo exhibition “Diamonds: a miracle of nature.” As the name of the event tells us, the cake was strewn with precious stones, namely diamonds in the amount of 233 pieces. The cake itself is small: its height is only 20 cm. This masterpiece was prepared for about a month and even more (about six months). The cake was valued at 1.56 million US dollars.

The oldest cake

A centuries-old culinary product, generously soaked in cognac, was found by a farmer from South Africa. It was made to celebrate a golden wedding in 1902. Why no one ate the cake, remains unknown.

The longest cake

The longest cake was made in Peru. 300 confectioners worked on its creation, and for a tasty treat, in the end, it took 500 kg of sugar and 500 eggs! The length of the cake was 246 meters. Then it was cut into 15,000 pieces, which managed to feast on the little June birthday.

The smallest cake

The birthplace of the smallest cake in the world is Switzerland. The height of the cake is so small that the cake could easily fit on the thumb of the hand.

The biggest cake

600 chefs participated in the preparation of the cake, and its dimensions are impressive: 31x15x50 (of course, the length, width and height of the treatments are given in meters)!

Cake day

And, of course, this delicacy has its own “professional holiday” – International Cakes’ Day, which is celebrated on July 20.

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