Interesting about Chocolate in the USA

It was 1765. English Ambassador John Hannon brought chocolate to America. Soon it was John who built the first chocolate factory in the USA. Dr James Benker helped him in this hard and responsible job.

Since 1937, chocolate has been a compulsory serving for American soldiers. At first, it was conceived as high-calorie “building blocks” for feeding in dangerous situations. By the way, the word “bricks” is written for a reason. The chocolate of the so-called ration D had the shape and weight of a brick. It was very hard, so hard that it could only be cut with a knife. Besides, the soldiers complained about the taste of chocolate.

The Association for the production of chocolate in the United States surveyed the population of all states, and it turned out that chocolate is the most favourite delicacy among more than 55% of people living in the USA. And more than 60% of Americans consider a box of any special chocolates to be the best gift for Christmas.

By the way, an interesting fact is that Europeans prefer dark chocolate more than all other types of chocolate. Whereas in America 65% of the population prefer milk chocolate.

Of the total amount of almonds grown in America, almost half goes to the production of chocolate.

Only in America could chocolate with black truffle appear. And truffle is not a candy, but an edible tuber.

More recently, in America chocolate, specifically designed for consumption with wine has appeared.

America with a huge number of fast foods and other unhealthy food, yet strive for a healthy lifestyle and therefore the company Cocoa Noir, which pleases its consumers with handmade artisan chocolate with a wide variety of tastes, has fantastic organic chocolate.

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