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seful instruction for a sweet tooth

Learn the composition

The most valuable ingredients in chocolate are cocoa butter and grated cocoa. If the package says that they are included, then this is not a pastry bar, but real chocolate.

Some manufacturers trick and replace cocoa butter with other vegetable fats (palm or coconut oil) or use the equivalent of cocoa butter. Under this word, they mean a lot of substances, for example, butter, shea butter. A product containing them cannot be considered pure chocolate.

Instead of grated cocoa, cocoa powder can be added. This reduces the cost of the product but affects the taste, the usefulness of chocolate is reduced.

Chocolate also typically contains soya lecithin. It is considered to be a natural ingredient and is not harmful it also does not affect the quality of the product in reasonable doses.

Flavours, dyes, odour and taste enhancers should not be included in a quality product.

Look at expiration date

The standard expiration date of classic bar chocolate is specified in GOST and is 12-18 months. But if the product is with additives, you need to consider what the filling is in it. Dairy soufflé, creams, waffles and dried fruits reduce the expiration date.

View Appearance

The main features of high-quality chocolate are a smooth glossy surface. If the tile is dull, it is possible that low-quality raw materials were used in the production.

Sometimes it happens that on the back of the chocolate bar there are small streaks. This is a good sign. It says that the product was prepared according to the correct technology, it does not contain soya lecithin.

The greyish coating, the stratified structure, and the unevenness of the shapes indicate that chocolate was most likely improperly stored.

Take it

Real chocolate melts very quickly. But if it softens right away, as soon as you pick it up, this is not a very good sign. Most likely, the product was improperly tempered during production. Chocolate should melt in the hands, but not instantly, but after a while.

If chocolate does not melt at all this is also a bad sign. Most likely, it contains a lot of lecithins, which changes the structure of the product.

Taste it

Often the presence of vegetable fats can be felt right after tasting it. If chocolate tastes like a machine or technical oil, this is a sign of palm oil content.

There must always be a balance between tasty and healthy chocolate. If you feel an imbalance, something unusual, discomfort during the use of super-expensive products, then something is wrong.

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