FAQ about chocolates Part 2

6. Is chocolate healthy?

People who eat a bar of chocolate a day are 11% less likely to have cardiovascular disease and 23% less likely to have heart attacks.

Chocolate reduces the chance of a heart attack – say experts from Aberdeen University in the UK.

Dark chocolate is a rich source of minerals necessary for the body: it contains potassium, zinc, and selenium. And most importantly, iron: a 100-gram slice contains 67% of the daily iron intake needed by the human body.

7. Does chocolate help with weight loss?

There is no diet in which you eat chocolate all day and lose weight. However, controlled consumption of chocolate can have a positive effect on nutrition and weight loss.

Studies have shown that dark or bitter chocolate saturates and speeds up sugar metabolism due to its high cocoa content. The darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa content.

American researchers at the Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition also found that high levels of dark chocolate antioxidants prevent weight gain and diabetes. High levels of flavonols and polyphenols make cocoa rich in antioxidants.

8. Why is chocolate addictive?

According to scientific studies, about 40% of women and 15% of men experience an insatiable addiction to chocolate. According to the theories, it’s all about sugar that has a drug effect. Studies show that humans, as well as many animals from birth, have a love for sweets.

Chocolate contains substances with a stimulating effect: caffeine, phenylethylamine and anandamide, which affect the brain similar to the effects of narcotic substances.

9. Is chocolate gluten-free?

To understand whether there is gluten in chocolate, you need to take a specific tile and read the composition. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and butter, there is no gluten in them, but not every tile in the store is real chocolate. The average tile contains 10-15 components, usually milk, soy products, vanilla and other flavours.

Finding gluten-free chocolate for the first time will not be easy but it is not impossible either.

10. Do chocolates heal depression?

Chocolate is the most famous antidepressant. Fans of white and milk chocolate can not replenish their body with natural antidepressants, they do not have theobromine, a toxic substance found in cocoa products. It is found only in dark chocolate and the higher the percentage of chocolate, the more this substance.

Make it a rule every day to eat a small piece of dark chocolate, it will not harm the figure, but it will relieve irritation and fatigue, give peace and begin to produce endorphin in the body – the hormone of happiness. Dark chocolate will improve the digestive tract, increase efficiency, relieve stress and cheer up. And, magnesium, which is found in dark chocolate, will make the nervous system more stable.

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