FAQ about Chocolates [Part 1]

1. What is chocolate made of?

The main ingredients of chocolate are cocoa beans. To get rid of a specific taste, cocoa beans undergo special processing in chocolate factories. It depends on the number of beans whether chocolate is dark, milk or white (milk is added to milk chocolate and white chocolate).

Also, crushed and whole nuts, raisins, waffles and, of course, sugar or its substitutes (as in diabetic chocolate) are added to chocolate to give an interesting taste to it.

2. When was chocolate invented?

The history of chocolate began at least 4 thousand years ago with the Egyptian desserts described in the extant papyrus. It is stated that sugar fruits were sold in the markets in 1566 BC. The history of chocolate began when the ancient Mayan and Aztec tribes discovered the wonderful abilities of cocoa. Appearing in the Amazon or Orinoco Valley, chocolate remained unknown in the Old World for a long time.

3. What is the most popular chocolate type?

Increases efficiency and saves from stress, slows down the ageing process and strengthens the immune system, and even lowers blood cholesterol. What product are we talking about? Of course, about dark chocolate which is the most popular type of chocolate in the whole world!

4. Is dark chocolate good for one’s health?

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants and minerals that everyone should include in their diet. It will benefit the whole body and diversify your diet.

· Helps with depression

· Protects against heart disease

· May help fight diabetes

· May prevent stroke

· Affects cholesterol

· Lowers blood pressure

· Stimulates brain function

· Protects skin from UV rays

· Strengthens the immune system

5. What is the best chocolate?

Experts and chocolate lovers believe that the best chocolate in the world is handmade artisan chocolate, as chiefs not only cerate piece of art, but they also put their love in the process of chocolate creation. Handmade chocolates are unique, interesting and tasty.

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