Easy cake recipes | Step by step tutorial

The word “cake” came from the Italian word “torta”, which is translated into English as “round bread”. Cake recipes in most cases differ significantly not only with the original ingredients but also with the technology of their preparation.

Even from the same product list, you can bake completely different cakes. The top layer of the cake is decorated in such a way that the look of the cake becomes more attractive.

Nowadays, almost no holiday event is complete without a beautifully decorated and tasty cake. The technologies for preparing the easiest cakes are here, so if you are new to the art of baking then enjoy this step by step tutorial.

Biscuit cake

The simplest foods – flour, eggs and sugar – form the basis of biscuit. However, there are many recipes on how to combine these components into a single whole to get a delicate, airy and surprisingly tasty biscuit cake. Whether to bake one cake and then divide it into two parts or to prepare several biscuit cakes and smear with your favourite cream, is a matter of taste.

To make the biscuit lush and soft, several conditions should be observed. You can whisk the whites and yolks separately with sugar, and then neatly combine everything into a single whole. You can mix everything at once. An indispensable condition for baking biscuit is not to open the oven door during cooking, so as not to spoil the baked cake. The proposed recipes will tell you what is the best way to prepare a particular biscuit cake, which cream to choose, and how to decorate it.

Chocolate cake


Table of measures

  • sour cream 400 ml
  • sugar 1 cup
  • kefir 1 cup
  • flour 1 cup
  • sugar 2/3 cup
  • cocoa 2 tbsp
  • soda ½ tbsp.


1. Mix a glass of kefir with a glass of sugar. Mix flour with soda and cocoa, add to kefir. The dough should be bulk. Grease the mould with butter, pour all the dough and put in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

2. For the cake to be flat after baking, it is necessary to make a small funnel in the test with a spoon, distributing the dough closer to the edges. Cool the finished pie and cut lengthwise into two halves. Mix sour cream with sugar. Brush the layers of cake with sour cream, garnish with grated chocolate on top. Chocolate cake “Ordinary Miracle” should be soaked during the day.

Bon Appétit!

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