Christmas cake trends 2020

Christmas cake is not only just a dessert, but it has also become a magic symbol of Christmas! Here are 5 Christmas cake trend for 2020!

1. Painted cake

In 2020, a cake is like an artist’s canvas on which a pastry chef creates art. As a result, the main dessert becomes a real art object. “Oil painting” on cakes is the trend to look at! Why put fresh flowers, which will die soon, if you can draw these flowers on the cake?

Using a special painting technique, you can imitate on the cake drops, cracks, strokes, smudges and everything that comes to your mind. Cakes-pictures also look fashionable and fresh: they can reflect anything connected with Christmas.

2. Focus on geometry

Minimalism, clear forms, strict lines – everything is in trend! If you think that within the framework of minimalism there is no scope for creativity and that such desserts look flat, you are very mistaken.

By the way, whoever said that the cake should be round? What should it look like a cake at all? Irregular shapes are a trend in the trend! Intricate sharp forms are a neo-classic, a highlight that sets you apart from others. And also, a geometric cake is good because it is easier to proportionally cut into pieces!

3. Crystal cakes

The aesthetic pleasure of such a dessert is 100% non-dose! Imagine if the cake looks spectacular in the photos, then how cool does it look in reality. Sweet masters imitate a crystal in a section and create the illusion that stone chips are about to sprinkle out of dessert!

4. Author’s designs

This trend for unique events has gained momentum and requires awareness when choosing every detail of the celebration. The idea is based on the events connected with Christmas. But now fashion is not licked triumphs, from which they are sick, but a combination of incongruous, avoiding strict observance of the rules, blurring the boundaries of one style.

How to reflect all this on a cake? Only a professional pastry chef knows! He /she will be able to find those details, suitable colours and fillings and shapes.

5. This cake is just space!

Stars are in trend! And we are not talking about celebrity, but about the most cosmic stars! In this topic, of course, references are made to something religious. Agree, it’s very symbolic for Christmas. And now look what magic cakes turn out if the Universe settles on them!

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