Chocolate Diet: Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

Dark chocolate contains grated cocoa beans, cocoa butter and the minimum amount of sugar or powdered sugar. In addition, it contains flavonoids that work as antioxidants (slow down the ageing process). And dark chocolate normalizes blood pressure, prevents the occurrence of blood clots, normalizes the cardiovascular system and the brain.

Dark chocolate is considered to be the most low-calorie (about 530 kcal) chocolate. But when comparing it to white chocolate (550 kcal) or milk chocolate (560 kcal) without additives in the form of nuts and raisins, then the difference is literally several tens of calories. The chocolate diet focuses not only on reducing caloric intake but also on the beneficial properties of the product.

If the manufacturer writes on the package that the chocolate contains 99% cocoa (the more the better), then most likely there is no sugar in it, which is a big plus for us. Now, we think everyone understands why you should give preference to dark chocolate.

Secondly, in addition to chocolate and water (you need to continue drinking at least 2 litres of water per day), you can afford black coffee (maximum three cups), but without sugar or sugar substitute and milk. Nutritionists argue that with all its negative effects on the body, coffee contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and, as a result, losing weight. Of course, you should forget about soda, juice, tea and alcohol, as well as about vegetables and fruits.

Thirdly, of course, you can eat all 100 grams of chocolate at once, but still, it is better to divide it into three parts. An important point: it is recommended to drink water only three hours after you have eaten chocolate.

Following such a diet can be no more than a week and no more often than once every two months, since, for all its effectiveness (and how differently, you sharply reduce the number of calories consumed, therefore losing weight) a powerful blow is delivered to the body.

Therefore, before you go on a chocolate diet, it is better to consult with your doctor and see if you have any allergies (and not just chocolate) if you are not sick with diabetes or hypertension and so on.

Buying artisan handmade chocolate is a great way to be sure that you eat real chocolate not something like chocolate. Cocoa Noir café has chocolate delivery in Los Angeles. Take your bite of joy!

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