How to choose chocolate for men?

How often do we not know what to give a man! Most women say that choosing a present for the fair sex is a thousand times easier than picking a gift for a strong half of society.

Yes, it’s true. You can present women jewellery, cosmetics, gift certificates and the like trifles that will always be pleasant and will not be superfluous. But the most win gift of all times will be chocolate. What woman will refuse a box of chocolates or a bar of expensive chocolate?

With men in this matter, it is more difficult. If you don’t know which gift to choose, give them chocolate. Men are quite positive about chocolate.

We are ready to share with you how to choose chocolate for a man – a universal gift that will look spectacular at any holiday and for any reason.

Chocolate is a gift that can say a lot, its symbolic language is recognized even internationally. And chocolate manufacturers are happy to support a huge variety of their products today – you can choose very strict, official packaging with no less restrained and serious contents, or find something original, unusual, which, better than other gifts, will reflect the individuality of the person who will give the chocolate.

And if this is your close person, with whom it’s not a sin to joke, then you can choose something funny that will amuse your whole company and set the whole holiday in a positive mood.

Chocolate for beloved

Suppose you choose chocolate as a gift to a man with whom you are not only connected with friendships – your husband, groom, boyfriend. Choose the chocolate he loves the most. If you do not share his taste preferences – take an assortment that will satisfy your taste and will please him. Most likely, too formal packaging, in this case, will be inappropriate, therefore we recommend you to choose something original. In this case, Belgian milk chocolate or Swiss black with pepper and lemon are well suited – here focus on your man’s preferences.

Chocolate for a relative or close friend

If this is your brother, close relative or friend with whom you have “millions of years” of friendship and shared cheerful memories, then try to focus on this kind of proximity. You should not give a large box of chocolates or a bar of chocolate with the official packaging – this will show that you know too little of your friend. Most likely, a chocolate figure that displays his hobbies, for example, a model of a car or bike, weapons or sports equipment, as well as figures of your favourite animals, will be the ideal option.

Chocolate for a colleague or boss

If you choose an official gift for a colleague or boss, a good decision would be to purchase a large and expensive box of chocolates, the design of which will be done in official and strict colours. They say that men always wear ties of the colour that they love most. Well, this will be a good clue for you. Take a closer look at the man to whom you want to present a “chocolate” gift.

Such people should not give any “funny” figures and decorated boxes of chocolates, even if you are sure that he would like such a gift. If it is important to maintain officiality and emphasize the level, select a fairly status present. But it is important not to overdo it and not to place too bright emphasis on the high or low position of this man. Try to make the gift neutral.

Chocolate for an employee

If you choose gifts from chocolate for employees of your company, make sure that they are as identical as possible. An interesting solution would be to order “branded” chocolate bars with the logo and company name.

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Best chocolate gift for Valentine’s day

How to please your beloved on February 14, a beautiful, almost spring holiday of love and joy? What to present as a gift on this bright day?

If such questions appear in your head, then you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about what gifts it was just necessary to give to your beloved boyfriends/girlfriends or men/women.

The first and, of course, the most important rule for Valentine’s day is to present chocolate!

There are so few people who don’t like chocolate that you will not be mistaken with a gift, even if you are not familiar with the object of your adoration for so long.

Chocolate can be given in any form and any quantity, the main thing is not to lose money and buy high-quality chocolate. You can choose some delicious bar of chocolate, or you can order almost a portrait of your beloved made of chocolate or you can choose artisan handmade chocolate.

How to choose chocolate for men

If you don’t know what gift to choose for him, then the best gift is chocolate. Men, contrary to popular belief, are quite positive about chocolate and chocolates in particular.

If you give chocolate to a future or present husband – then show your imagination and do not overdo it with officiality. Give him a big chocolate cake and a “fun” set of sweets with the logo of his favourite cartoons, sports players or cars.

How to choose chocolate for women

Many say that chocolate is only a pleasant addition to a real gift, which has yet to be selected and purchased. Well, maybe so! However, chocolate is an integral part of a gift for a woman!

If you choose a present for a girl or woman whom you love and know for a long time, then you can make her the best gift by guessing her tastes and addictions in chocolate.

Of course, you should know what type of chocolate she prefers – dark, milk, white? Clean or with some kind of additives?

An interesting decision would be to present a chocolate figure – it can be a sculpture of the most incredible shape and size – from a small flower to whole chocolate multi-element compositions.

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Best box of chocolates in the world

Introducing the most luxurious boxed chocolates in the world. These sweet top-level confectionery products will undoubtedly appeal to everyone lucky enough to taste them.

DeLafée of Switzerland

History buffs will love the antique Swiss coin inside the box with these 24-carat edible gold sweets. Gold Chocolate Box with Antique Swiss Gold Gold Coi from DeLafée of Switzerland costs $315.

Ralph Lauren

Take time to smell and taste the rose with the perfect mix of Belgian chocolate roses and the exclusive Ralph Lauren fragrance. Ralph Lauren’s Romance Deluxe Gift Set is $92.

La Madeline au truffle

Wrapped in gold and handmade from 71% pure Ecuadorian dark chocolate, these sweets rightfully earned the title of the most expensive truffle in the world. The cost of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier is $ 250 per truffle.

Constellation chocolate

Chocolate connoisseurs will love this collection from 21 of the best chefs in the world. IfOnly’s Constellation Chocolate Collection is $75.

La Maison du Chocolat

These sweets are the perfect balance of salty and sweet. The cost of a Pop Gift Box from LA Maison du Chocolat is $82.

Marie belle

The world-famous artist Chau Zhang Thi Nguyen reproduced nine of his most famous paintings on these sweets. The Marie Belle River of Diamonds Cien Box costs $400.

To’ak chocolate

After two years of testing and 18 months of ageing, TO’AK created Cognac Cask Vintage Edition tiles. TO’AK’s Cognac Cask Vintage Edition costs $345.


Buy this box for lovers of bacon, booze and chocolate. The Sugarfina Vice Collection 8-Piece Bento Box costs $65.


Inside you will find 49 different chocolates, from fruit to spice. Richart’s Intense Valentine Gourmet Chocolates costs $ 77.

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Movie-inspired cakes | Cocoa Noir

The history of confectionery art began several decades ago. It became popular in the XV century and sometime later its majesty cake appeared. Cakes should not only be tasty but also pleasant to the eye.

Today the most trendy cakes are movie-inspired cakes. So get ready for the famous cakes from movies.

A cake is always a joy and a sense of celebration, and a cake made based on your favourite movie is a double pleasure! We suggest you take a look at stunning cakes, the creators of which were inspired by well-known films. We are sure that among these sweet masterpieces you will find your favourite movie.

Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cake is one of the most popular after fans of this cult saga. Such a gift can become a real highlight of the program, to be remembered for a long time as the most original and unusual. A Star Wars cake will look great at a theme party dedicated to this movie!

Disney Princess’ Cakes

One of the tastiest cakes for your princess’ birthday is a cake with Disney princesses. Beautiful ladies will make your party unforgettable.

Paw Patrol Cakes

Paw patrol is ready for your kid’s birthday! Paw Patrol cake is ideal not only for your boy’s birthday but also your princess will like it.

Frozen Cakes

Elza and Anna will surely decorate your party. Frozen cakes are not only suitable for winter birthdays.

Mickey Mouse Cakes

Old but gold character Mickey Mouse (Minney Mouse for girls) never gets old. Children always love him.

Shimmer and Shine Cakes

Girls love the characters of Shimmer and Shine. So these cakes are popular among girls nowadays.

Wonder Woman Cakes

Wonder Woman can be not only a cake but also you can value your loved ones by ordering it, as all our women are wonders.

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig and her family are amazingly interesting for kids, so cakes made in this theme are always amazing.

Alice in Wonderland Cakes

These cakes are not only suitable for kids but also adults love them, as Alice in Wonderland sometimes can live in our hearts.

Moana Cakes

Moana is a brave girl who loves the sea so if your kid has some characteristic features like her, she will love Moana cake.

Disney Pixar Cars Cakes

Disney cars are popular among boys and, naturally, nearly all the boys want Disney Pixar Cars cakes for their birthdays.

Ariel Cakes

Ariel is one of the most favourite characters of Disney Princesses, so some girls want to be a mermaid like her. Ariel cake is the best for such girls.

Titanic Cakes

Titanic cake can be made in remembrance of the ones who died there. People sometimes order such cakes for their birthdays as they love the movie.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

Mother’s day is a great holiday to get together and congratulate dear mothers and grandmothers, say kind words to them and remind how we value their love and care. And what is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day? We have prepared some tips for you.

Beauty Gifts

Give her something for beauty: a stylish accessory, cosmetics or perfume (only if you know exactly what she uses and loves). Do not forget to accompany the delivery with a sincere compliment.

Health Gifts

For active women who are interested in sports, a good gift would be a thing related to fitness. It can be a bracelet that measures the pulse and the intensity of the loads during training. Or a massager, it will help relieve fatigue at the end of the day – a thing that is useful and necessary for everyone.

Interest Gifts

You can give a present from your mother’s hobby. For example, if she spends all summer long in the beds and can already give lectures on the effect of the correct angle of irrigation on the speed of seedlings, a good gift will be a useful thing for a summer resident. A set of tools for caring for flowers or stock of gloves for working in the garden will go into business. And if you do not understand gardening at all.

Gifts for the mood

You can simply please your mother on holiday by taking care of her. It can be a massage or invite to her favourite restaurant. If the budget is limited, order a cake with a congratulatory inscription and go to visit her to congratulate her. Very specific purchases can also be attributed to this category – only let these be things that will give warmth and comfort to your dearest person.

Sweet Gifts

Cakes and handmade artisan chocolates can be the best presents for Mother’s day as they are surely the best variants to please a sweet tooth. By the way in California, Los Angeles you can order unique cakes and artisan handmade chocolates at Cocoa Noir.

Mother’s day cake easy recipes 2020

Mother’s Day is a great holiday when you can remind the closest and dearest person that you love her, respect and value her. On this day, children give their mothers flowers and holiday cards, as well as make gifts with their own hands. Agree, what could be more beautiful than a cute presentation made especially for you, especially if this gift is sweet? Colorful and beautiful cakes with air cream will not leave any woman indifferent.

Rainbow Cake

Surely, many of us saw wonderful and beautiful cakes with bright fillings in the form of a family of rainbow colors. Adults and children will be delighted with such a colorful treat. Have you tried to cook this beauty yourself?

So, how to cook this great cake? What is needed and what products are needed to make a cake? The first thing you need to stock up on – a cake form (16 cm): it will be better if you have five (or seven) of them.

Products for biscuit:

1.5 cups of flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

110 g softened butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

190 ml of milk

1 cup of sugar

3 yolks

food color five (seven) colors

Meringue buttercream:

4 yolks

1 cup of sugar

200 g room temperature oil

half lime juice

Carrot Cake

This cake is where baking can be healthy. An elegant and delicious carrot cake can be baked, both on weekdays and for a special occasion.


Carrots – 2 pcs.

Egg – 3 pcs.

Honey – 150 g.

Vegetable oil – 50 ml.

Flour – 2 tbsp.

Butter – 200 g

Powdered Sugar – 200 g

Orange zest – 1 tbsp

Candied fruits or nuts – for decoration

Spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger) – to taste

Cooking time 30 minutes.

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Have a great day! Happy Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s day cake easy recipe 2020

Valentine’s Day – February 14 – is another reason for a romantic evening. And the perfect romance can’t be imagined without a romantic cake made by you. So here we represent to your attention Valentine’s Day cake easy recipe. Enjoy!

Snow-White cake

A snow-white cake, inside there is a red “velvet” biscuit … This dessert is ideal for a romantic dinner. Тhis Valentine’s Day cake is American.

For biscuit:

4 eggs

100 g sugar

60 g flour

20 g starch

30 g cocoa

30 g melted butter

1 tsp red food colouring


300ml whipping cream (from 33%)

2 tbsp sugar


100 g white chocolate

100 g raspberries

form 23 cm oven 200С

Beat 4 yolks with half the norm of sugar (50g) in a lush light cream, then whisk the whites until a dense foam, add the remaining sugar and beat until smooth and shiny.

Pour together 60 g of flour, 20 g of starch and 30 g of cocoa sifted together.

Stir with a spoon from the edge to the middle, lowering the dough into the centre of the bowl.

Add around the edge of 30 g of melted non-combustible oil and mix.

Pour into a greased and floured form (20-23cm).

Bake for 25 minutes, check with a stick. Refrigerate for 5 minutes in a pan and then on a wire rack.

Allow to rest for 8 hours (at least) to strengthen the crumb, and then cut in half. Beat 300 g of cream, add sugar, mix and cover the cake.

Cover with the other half and coat with cream completely.

Sprinkle with grated chocolate (100g) and garnish with berries (this is before serving).

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2020

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? So you are in the right place. Enjoy it!

Gifts for Valentine’s Day are the most desired and romantic surprises for lovers, and the original gift will be the perfect way to express love.

Choosing a gift that tells the object of adoration about your feelings is not an easy task. There are only a few days left before Valentine’s Day, so you need to hurry up so as not to miss the unique chance, which is given only once a year.

On Valentine’s Day, you can please a girl or a guy with the help of useful and practical gifts, or unique gifts.

So, for example, “valentines” – cards in the form of hearts with poems and wishes, are considered a symbol of Valentine’s Day. A card with sincere words for Valentine’s Day will delight any romantic with a sensual soul.

And so, what to give a girl or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day so that a loved one could not forget about it for a long time.

In a gift for the holiday of lovers, the romantic spirit is valued more than the cost, but it is worth remembering that people value originality the most.

You can give a girl a set of luxury cosmetics, perfumes, an elegant handbag, fashionable shoes, an original scarf, handmade and much more, taking into account the preferences of your chosen one.

A romantic dinner can be an original present if it is a dinner prepared by you and not another trip to a restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to cook – you can order her/his favourite dishes at home, all this can be romanticized with candles and colours and amazed with your favourite care.

Your beloved one will also like a tasty present – a cake with declarations of love, voluminous figures and photographs that leave no doubt in your feelings is easy to order, or handmade artisan chocolates.

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Valentine cake designs 2020

Valentine’s Day – the most romantic holiday is celebrated in most countries of the world on February 14th. On this day for more than one and a half thousand years, people have been declaring love to each other.

An inseparable part of the romantic events in the Valentine’s Day cakes and cupcakes. Here are some designs:

Mastic figures

Cakes and pastries can be decorated with interesting figures in the form of swans, pigeons, rabbits, cats, bears and more. Two figures in cosy poses look very romantic and create the right atmosphere.

If you are not very confident in your skills of sculpting a specific figure, then use moulds – silicone moulds to create products of perfect shape.

Red bow on the cake

You can create a simple version of the bow or a more complex one. A lush bow is made of several petals.

To do this, they are cut out from a rolled plain sheet and a sheet rolled by a textured rolling pin. You need to sprinkle the cut out petals with powder and allow to dry on the foil and then fasten it. And the magnificent bow is ready.

Ribbon with the inscription

You can put the inscription on the cake with icing, using stencils and a pastry syringe. The tape from mastic, on which the phrase is applied, looks neat and original.

This is usually a declaration of love or other romantic words. The main thing here is not to rush and pre-allocate a place for all letters.

Roses from cream or mastic

Sugar or chocolate mastic can make graceful pink petals, which can be used in your romantic sweets.

Cream roses on cupcakes

Cutters allow you to cut different products, but for natural motifs like leaves, it is worth using special plungers and get a natural effect. Such decorative elements are very thin, perfectly harden and hold their shape.

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Valentine’s Day cake ideas 2020

Everyone wants to make Valentine’s Day special. A nice addition to a romantic dinner will be a beautiful cake with a thematic design. We offer you some bright ideas that you can implement with the help of our professional confectioners.

Holiday symbols

When making cakes and desserts for Valentine’s Day, they use burgundy and scarlet colours, which are associated with the theme of the holiday. The main symbols of the holiday are hearts, angels and roses.

The heart is a long-known sign of sensuality, deep feelings. You can order a cake for Valentine’s Day in heart shape form, or you can choose sweets with small hearts. You can often find a heart pierced by the arrow of a mischievous Cupid.

Angels are often in the image of Cupid, the son of Venus, who, according to legend, strikes a man with his arrow, and he falls in love. Eros is another name for this angel.

Roses, especially red ones, speak of passionate love, and they are also compared with the beauty of a girl. The queen of flowers can have a variety of shades: white ones allow you to express pure love, pink ones talk about the hope for a closer relationship, and red ones focus on the sensual side, the power of passion. They gained such importance thanks to the myth of Aphrodite, who was wounded on a bush of white roses on the way to her beloved.

Lace is another symbol that has been used for centuries by the fair sex. They are associated with a love story, so they are easy to meet as wrapping paper or decoration on the cake. Less commonly used are pigeons and other birds, symbolizing not only love but also the care and promise of eternal fidelity.

Cake Ideas

Sprinkle with hearts

This is the easiest decoration option. Sweet coloured sprinkles allow you to diversify baking with a minimum of effort. You can choose a cake covered with mastic, meringue, icing or just cream, and decorate everything with a loose heart.

Heart-shaped cake

Everyone has round and rectangular shapes, but you choose the form of a heart yourself. To cover the finished cake in the shape of a heart with mastic, it is useful to have cutters for working with dough and mastic, an acrylic rolling pin for rolling mastic (you can take a relief). In the end, the cake is fixed with the mastic on the cake using a special device for smoothing.

Mastic hearts

A round cake can be decorated with mastic hearts. For leaves and flowers, plungers will be needed. If you are looking for how to originally decorate a cake for Valentine’s Day, then you should be creative in creating hearts – for example, make them striped. To do this, you can roll white and red mastic into a single canvas and cut hearts out of it.

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