Cakes in the Guinness World Records

What cakes are breaking records? Only the best cakes! This confectionery product provides almost unlimited scope for the bakers to imagine their flight of fantasy. Cake Masters offer a variety of shapes and fillings of cakes, a cake in the shape of a car or motorcycle, an apple or sausage, a handbag or a soccer ball. Everything is possible! Many of these cakes could easily get into the Guinness Book of Records.

And what kind of cakes are there already?

The tallest cake

The tallest cake in the world was prepared by Kerala confectioners in India. It took them 15 days to make it. The cake consisted of 33 layers and was 10 m high. The record was set on the eve of Catholic Christmas, and this whole masterpiece was given to orphans. The name of Jayachandran Pillai, the organizer of the event and the author of the idea, is associated with the record.

The heaviest cake

The heaviest cake was made in America, Alabama. It weighed about 50 tons. Nothing more is known about it. But we know about the largest strawberry cake from the Philippines. In the city of La Trinidad, where annual strawberry festivals take place, they made the largest cake in the world, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records on March 20, 2007. It weighed 11 tons, 146 kg. The cake was sold at $ 0.25 per piece. Total servings – 50,000.

In Ukraine, there were many different culinary records, including the largest chocolate-waffle cake, the largest cake for vegetarians, and the largest cake of lard. The latter, of course, did not surprise anyone.

Ice cream cake

Ice cream cake is the same cake, only cold. You need to cook it very quickly so that it does not melt before the arrival of the controllers from the Guinness book. And there is – even faster to join the largest ice cream cake. It was cooked in China. Ice cream cake weighed 8 tons and had a size of 4.8 * 3 * 1 m.

The most expensive cake

Another cake – record holder is originally from Japan, Tokyo. This is the most expensive cake in the world. Its price was $ 16.5 million thanks to the 223 diamonds that went into its design. This is the maximum price for a confectionery product for 2005. Surely this record has already been broken several times.

At Cocoa Noir cafe, cakes are much cheaper, although they are not inferior to the champions in taste. We offer cakes for your all occasions. Remember, cakes should be eaten with pleasure, and not read about them in different books.

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