Birthday cake ideas for kids in 2019

Children grow up very quickly, and every year we want to celebrate his/her birthday with dignity. And a birthday just can not do without a birthday cake. This is the most long-awaited part of the celebration (except gifts), a real decoration of the table and mood. Therefore, we have prepared a whole article on children’s delicious birthday cakes.

A beautiful birthday cake for children is a true treat that a child does not eat every day. In addition, it will delight guests. And the correct decoration of the dessert will be a surprise for the kid, bringing him/her to delight.

Do you need a cake for a child’s birthday?

Of course, yes, if the kid likes such a treat. However, it is worth noting that for children under 3 years it will be better to choose cakes with a minimum amount of butter and sugar. If a child has diabetes, there are now a lot of sugar substitutes. Ask your doctor which one will suit your child, and then hurry to inform the chef or go to the store.

It is best to order a cake from a professional. Firstly, it will save time to prepare the holiday. Secondly, fatigue at the end of the day will not be as pronounced and at the celebration, it will be possible to shine like the most charming hostess.

Another argument in favour of custom-made cakes is a true work of art. Masters of children’s birthday cakes create whole pictures, from which everyone will be delighted. Professionals in their field use the highest quality ingredients.

Choosing the right cake

Ordered cakes save the time for the hostess, they are carried out completely under the customer’s request and are also issued. Price, respectively, will be higher than the usual store. But if you choose a professional, you can not doubt the quality of the ingredients. Also, specialists can order the so-called “vegetarian cake” or a dessert without sugar.

The confectioner will prepare the cake with any cream that is not made in every shop. However, custom-made cakes can be ordered not only from a specialist at home but also in special pastry bakeries.

Cake Ideas for Boys

For boys, choosing a cake is based on their passion. The smaller the child, the easier it is to guess. For example, you can make a cake with a figure and decorate with dinosaurs, cars, stars. In the end, the shape of the machine is also suitable or the planet, if the kid is interested in the stars.

A good idea can be any child’s addiction, here is a list of ideas for children’s birthday cakes.

Favourite movie/cartoon hero;



Planets, stars;

The heroes of computer games;

Lego cake

Soccer ball, sneakers;

Sports field;


Age figure.

Cake Ideas for Girls

It is always easier for girls to choose gifts, this also works with the choice of birthday cakes.

Disney princesses



Favourite sweets;

Mickey Mouse;



Favourite cartoon characters;

Ponies, unicorns;

Age figure;



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