Best Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in the United States that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. In 201, it is celebrated on November 28.

The very idea of celebrating autumn and ending the harvest dates back to antiquity. However, the holiday of the Americans has its history from the first settlers who arrived from England to America at the end of 1620 after a two-month voyage on the ship Mayflower.

Passengers, a group of English pilgrims fleeing religious persecution in their homeland, embarked on such a dangerous journey in the hope of founding a colony in the New World, where they could finally find their desired freedom.

The first year in a new place was very harsh. Immigrants had to endure hunger, cold, adversity and disease. After a harsh winter, during which about half of the immigrants died, they, with the help of Indian neighbours, learned to grow corn and other crops adapted to local conditions, to distinguish edible plants from poisonous ones, to find springs with drinking water, hunting trails and fishing spots.

In the fall of 1621, the colonists gathered a good harvest, for which they decided to thank the Lord by arranging a festive meal. On a holiday that lasted three days, Indians were invited to help the colonists.

It was the first Thanksgiving. It is believed that this holiday came from the European tradition of celebrating Harvest Day. In subsequent years, the colonists held a celebration only with a good harvest, and then from time to time. Over time, the holiday has lost its religious significance.

Cake Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey cake

This cake is made in the form of turkey or even turkeys. It can also be perfect for a Thanksgiving wedding anniversary.

First Thanksgiving cake

The characters on the cake are pilgrims and Native Americans, and of course, a mini hand-sculpted turkey also looks interesting. Writing on the cake says “Grateful for our blessings,” which is a sweet reminder of the season.

Thanksgiving present cake

Thanksgiving present cake looks like a wrapped present. To make this cake you can use fondant and gum paste.

Thanksgiving basket cake

The cake has a form of a basket with autumn fruits, vegetables, colourful leaves.

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