Best Christmas Gift Idea 2020

Christmas is one of the greatest holidays of Christianity. This is the time when we recall a wonderful event – the appearance on earth of the Savior of mankind.

Christmas celebration date

Most representatives of the Christian world: Catholics and Protestants of Europe and the USA celebrate holidays according to the Gregorian calendar. Among the Orthodox, 9 out of 14 patriarchies also use more modern chronology and therefore celebrate Christmas on December 25th.

Santa Claus

Children are waiting for Santa Claus, who comes to every house and brings them presents. On Christmas Eve, children, as usual, hang a stocking by the fireplace, which Santa Claus fills with gifts at night. This tradition is connected with the legend according to which St. Nicholas presented the poor with a purse of gold, putting his gifts in the stockings of girls hung over the fireplace for the night to dry.

Christmas decorations

The custom of decorating houses for Christmas with holly, ivy and mistletoe came to the United States from England. Each of these plants is in its own way associated with the divine principle. Ivy represents immortality.

Holly, an evergreen shrub with glossy sharp leaves, is designed to instil in personal faith and hope for the best. Its brilliant red berries symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ. The veneration of mistletoe as a sacred plant became a custom long before the birth of Christ. For example, druids believed that it was able to cure many diseases and protect against evil spells.

Christmas gifts

Christmas cards are sent to relatives and friends who are far from home, wishing a Merry Christmas. In preparation for this holiday, the Americans put a Christmas tree in the largest room of the house and decorate it with toys and candles.

Christmas is a joyful, family holiday. All family members exchange gifts. So what is the best gift for Christmas for your relatives, family members, beloved ones?

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