A Brief History of Chocolate

Experts have discovered that chocolate was known in the territory of present-day Mexico three thousand years ago. Indians from tribes were the first to try to eat the fruit of the “chocolate trees” – cocoa beans. The first plantations were also created by Indians. By the way, it is from them that the word “cacava” originated, later changed into the usual “cocoa“.

Over time, other tribes also fell in love with chocolate, for example, the Maya, but they began to call it otherwise “chocolatl”. The Indians even believed that there is a god of chocolate, which means that the drink is sacred. It was used in various religious rituals.

An amazing find was made on the territory of Belize by modern archaeologists – a petrified powder, dating back to 600 BC. The analysis showed that these are crushed cocoa beans mixed with aromatic additives. The product became known to Europeans only at the beginning of the 16th century when Christopher Columbus brought some cocoa beans from his journey.

However, the Spanish king did not appreciate the delights of delicacy. Only twenty years later, the traveller Cortes guessed to spice up the bitter chocolate with cane sugar. That’s when the drink conquered the entire European world.

At first, the product was used exclusively in liquid form. The rich people drank hot chocolate because it was quite expensive. Chocolate bars are invented by the British in the middle of the XIX century. Innovation immediately became in great demand.

The variety of chocolate in the modern world is great, but handmade artisan chocolate still remains unconquerable!

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